For children and teens, monitoring oral health can be more difficult especially when wearing braces. We do our best to remind our patients to keep up with their oral hygiene and remind you to keep up with the steps at home too.

Keeping Up With Oral Hygiene

When school starts it can become difficult to keep up with your oral health properly. Classes, sports and homework can all get in the way. However, failing to follow a regular oral hygiene routine can lead to tooth decay and may hamper orthodontic treatments.

Whether at school or at home, remember to floss and brush as recommended for best results.

Carry a Braces Care Kit

Pack a braces care kit and carry it with you.

Items should include:

– Small mirror

– Floss and threaders

– Toothpaste

– Toothbrush

Be Careful About What You Eat

Hard food, sticky foods, and foods high in sugar should be avoided while wearing braces. This could delay the treatment process, and be uncomfortable before it’s fixed by your orthodontist.

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