There are several reasons to visit the orthodontist. Today we look at how your health can benefit for a visit to our office.

Crowding of the Teeth

Crowding is the result of teeth not having enough room, causing teeth to overlap. The majority of people who get braces do so to correct over-crowding. Crowding can ruin your smile and result in periodontal problems. Tooth Decay could also be an issue in Crowding.

Common Issues


A cross-bite happens when the lower and upper teeth don’t meet correctly. This causes the upper teeth to sit inside the lower teeth. People with a cross-bite need to move their jaw to the side or forward to close their mouth. A cross-bite may also cause a person to develop facial asymmetry and prohibit the proper use of their jaw.


Similar to a cross-bite, an overbite occurs when the teeth overlap the front lower teeth. An overbite can cause the lower teeth to bite into the roof of the mouth.

Gaps and Spacing

Last but not least is gaps and spacing issues between the teeth. This is a very common reason to visit our office and let us correct that perfect smile!

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