At Loyacona Orthodontics we prioritize educating our patients as much as possible regarding our practice. Many people still have questions when it comes to what we do so we want to take this moment to clear up come common mistakes people make regarding orthodontics.

1. Mistake: Orthodontists Only Treat Young Children

TRUTH: The truth is that at any age you may wind up paying us a visit. There are many causes that can lead an adult as well as a child to the Orthodontics office. A majority of patients may be children and teenagers but crooked teeth can happen at any age!

An Orthodontist is Just Like my Family Dentist

2. Mistake: An Orthodontist is Just Like my Family Dentist

TRUTH: It is true that both orthodontists and dentists help patients achieve lifelong oral health but we go about these goals in completely different ways. An Orthodontist will help patients achieve oral health by fixing problems with the alignment of your teeth. By correcting these issues, we are able to help patients with a variety of oral health issues including but not limited to: crowded teeth, bite problems and even speech impediments.

It Is a Long Process

3. Mistake: It Is a Long Process

TRUTH: Most patients have braces for an average of 2 years. While this may seem long, this is small compared to a lifetime of perfect smiles!

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