The holidays are fast approaching and no one wants to miss out on some of the delicious treats that come along with them! We all know that with braces you must be cautious about what you eat but luckily there are treats out there that can be delicious and safe to eat when wearing braces.

1. Custard and/or Creme Pie

Pies are a holiday staple! Try a pumpkin pie, cheesecake with fresh fruit, or buttermilk pie.

Holiday Treats You Can Eat With Braces!

2. Fruit

Refrain from eating the hard Caramel Apples and instead reach for fresh apple slices! Feel free to sprinkle them with Cinnamon Sugar for added flavor.

3. Chocolate

We all know to stay away from Caramel but you don’t need to worry about chocolate itself. Dark chocolate is best for overall and mouth health, in addition to being delicious. It melts away from teeth and is easy to clean from brackets and wires.

4. Marshmallow

This fluffy treat is ok to enjoy in moderation!

5. Yogurt

Yes yogurt may not be the first food you think of when observing the holidays but flavored yogurts can be a cool, delicious alternative!

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