Invisalign is an amazing product but just like anything, it will be most successful when provided the proper maintenance.

Lets take a look at some tips on keeping your Invisalign aligners clean…


Many patients choose to use two different toothbrushes for their teeth and for their aligners. This is because your aligners require a soft bristled brush that will not be too abrasive or damaging, while your teeth my require stiffer, tougher bristles to scrub and remove food particles. Another benefit to using two separate toothbrushes is that you will minimize the risk of staining your aligners with food particles left on your toothbrush from brushing your teeth.


While you can still use whitening toothpaste on your teeth, you should not use it on your aligners or the brush you use to clean them. Whitening toothpastes can leave a film on your clear aligners, or make them appear cloudy and dull, defeating the purpose of their invisibility!


You’ll want to step up your flossing game if you have Invisalign! Because you need to put your aligners back in very soon after eating, you don’t want to risk leaving any food behind between your teeth.


It is a good idea to purchase a clear aligner soaking solution to use daily or every few days to thoroughly clean your aligners. Many patients choose to soak their clear aligners while they are eating dinner at home to maximize their time!


If you frequently eat at school, work, or out at events or restaurants, you’ll definitely want to invest in a travel case for your aligners. This will keep them safe while you’re out and about, and help prevent against loss and damage.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions!

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