Keeping up with proper hygiene while wearing braces is extremely important! This does not just include while at an orthodontist appointment as home care is also vital.

The best method for good oral health has always been regular brushing and flossing. Flossing can become even more difficult with braces on and is something that many of us do not do nearly as often as we should.

Due to the time consuming act of having to floss very often, orthodontic patients look to the WaterPik for a solution. The WaterPik is sometimes considered simpler and faster to use than dental floss, but the question is does it work as well to keep teeth clean rather than regular flossing?

It is no doubt that using the WaterPik is much easier than traditional dental floss, unfortunately it doesn’t do the job as well. The water has a difficult time penetrating between teeth that tightly fit together or are crowded. This prevents proper removal of food and plaque which can cause gum disease and decay.

The question remains: Is a Waterpik as effective in removing food and particles from between teeth and around the gum line as good as dental flossing? No!

That being said, it is a great way to dislodge and loosen up pieces of food from between the teeth, especially while wearing braces; so can be a great tool for home care while wearing braces but will not take the place of your traditional floss.


If you want to use a Waterpik, that’s great, just don’t use it as a substitute for flossing.

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