We all know that having straight teeth is important for having an attractive smile, but what other health benefits can come from having straight teeth in Pittsburgh! Today we take a look at some of those health benefits…

Clean Your Teeth More Easily

This may be one of the biggest benefits of having straight teeth.
When your teeth are poorly aligned, there are lots of gaps for food to get stuck and cause decay. It’s much more difficult to effectively clean crooked teeth, because you often can’t reach all those crevices with your toothbrush or floss.
When your teeth are aligned properly, there’s no longer any room for food debris to sit between your teeth and gums. This makes them easier to clean, which helps to prevent plaque build up and bacteria from accumulating in your mouth and causing cavities.

Speak More Clearly

One of the often overlooked health benefits of having straight teeth is that well-aligned teeth can help you speak more clearly.
Having crooked teeth increases the chance that you’ll develop a speech problem such as a lisp. This is because when your teeth are misaligned, the position and shape of your teeth can affect the way your mouth works when you speak. Some people also develop speech problems as a result of trying to hide imperfect teeth while speaking.
But when your teeth are aligned properly, your mouth and jaw work synchronously to effectively form and articulate words. It also improves your confidence, helping you to speak clearly.

Improve Your Digestion

Having straight teeth is known to improve your digestion.
Thoroughly chewing your food is a vital first step to a healthy gut. Well-chewed food is easier to break down by the bacteria in your stomach, which helps prevent digestive issues and indigestion.
When your teeth are properly aligned, the muscles and tissues in your mouth are better able to work together to effectively chew and break down the food you eat. This helps the bacteria in your stomach work better, which ultimately, improves your digestion.

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