Invisalign continues to grow in popularity compared to more traditional methods. Lets take a look at the most popular reasons why patients may choose Invisalign!

#1 Appearance

The most popular of all the reasons, Invisalign lets you smile with confidence! In adults especially, metal braces may be off putting compared to a solution that is virtually invisible like Invisalign.

The Top 3 Benefits

#2 Convenience

Using clear aligners such as Invisalign instead of the brackets and wires associated with traditional braces means you’ll experience less interruption to your daily routine. With metal braces there are food restrictions that can mean a big change in your diet. The ease and cleanliness of the Invisalign’s design makes it a convenient choice.

#3 Timely Results

With traditional braces, results are typically achieved in two years, while Invisalign treatment takes significantly less time. This may vary from case to case but we strive to make your perfect smile show as fast as possible!

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