When your child has braces or Invisalign and needs to wear a mouthguard while playing sports some questions may come into play. On today’s blog we look at the advantages of wearing these mouthguards as well as some of the types of mouthguards on the market to help you decide on the best options.

Advantages of Wearing Mouthguards

– Provide protection for any forceful contact to the face, lips, or jaws to prevent injury.

– Prevent teeth from being chipped, broken, or injured when heavy contact is sustained.

– Evenly distribute force when contact is sustained to the mouth, lips, or teeth.


Types of Mouthguards

Boil and Bite Mouthguards: Provides do-it-yourself custiomization but can be bulky at times.

Custom Fit Mouthguards: Provides the best overall fit.

Orthodontic Mouthguards: Designed to fit around braces, expanders, and orthodontic appliances and to give teeth room to move while still providing great protection.

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