A question many parents ask is: “When should my child see an orthodontist for an initial evaluation?”

We will address some of the more common questions we face with the hope of providing some clarity on the subject for you and your family.

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends all children have an initial evaluation with an orthodontist at the age of 7. This is not so we can put braces on your child even earlier. In fact, we recommend some form of orthodontic treatment in only a fraction of the young kids we see. However, this appointment is valuable to identify developing orthodontic issues or orthodontic issues that may already be present.

Why 7 Years Old?

Around this age, some of the adult, permanent front teeth have come in as well as the first set of adult molars, appropriately nicknamed the “six-year-molars.” When these key dental “landmarks” are in, an orthodontist can identify how a child’s bite is likely to develop over the following years. With the help of one panoramic x-ray, we can also identify if your child is naturally missing any adult teeth (5% of the population is), as well as identify deviations from normal tooth eruption, which may lead to complications down the road.

As always, please contact our office with any questions regarding an orthodontist visit.

Source: https://www.aaoinfo.org

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