Patients with crooked and misaligned teeth who want a straighter and more balanced smile can benefit from retainers. Retainers help to straighten teeth or keep them straight long after treatment. The benefits of orthodontic treatment with retainers are the same for patients of all ages, and they offer many benefits.

Benefits of wearing retainers

Whether you’re young or old, you can benefit from treatment with retainers for a straighter smile.


Keep teeth from shifting

Are custom-fit to teeth

Provide comfortable treatment

Are long-lasting

Orthodontic treatment can prevent difficulties that arise with crooked and misaligned teeth. Teeth that overcrowd in the mouth are at a high risk for infection. Because it is difficult to clean between crooked teeth, plaque and bacteria can build up in the mouth. This can result in tooth decay and problems with the root canal and missing teeth. Combat problems caused by crooked teeth through the use of retainers. The first month of retainer use is especially the most critical because it keeps teeth that are prone to moving around straight and in line.

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